Things I Have Said In Meetings That Make No Sense To The Outside World – Part 1


  1. Of course the banana looks fake. We shot a plastic banana. (2008)
  2. We spent too many frames on the kangkong. (2017)
  3. Per Client, we need to cut the part with the baby. The baby is not on-brand. (2009)
  4. Okay, we can give you access to the fan page. But we can’t give you access to the fans. (2010)
  5. Kailangan po natin yung Mommy na mukhang nagbibigay ng orange juice sa mga kapitbahay. (2006)
  6. We can’t make a mock-up of an MRT pillar po. That would take many cartolinas. (2008)
  7. Pwede ba silang i-interview sa tricycle? (2012)
  8. Ted, magkano yung billboard sa Alabang? What if bilin nalang natin? Ay atin ba yon? (2011)
  9. Sorry if the dragon looks like a horse. It was the only file we had. (2007)
  10. Can Cinderella fit in an Operator Logo? (2005)
  11. Susuka nako ng Excel. (2013, after an 8-hour long meeting)
  12. Nanaginip ako ng Powerpoint. (2012, before a meeting)
  13. We can make her face slimmer, but not her foot. (2009)
  14. Hindi siya mukhang globe eh. Mukha siyang… basketball na madumi. (2008, looking at a tummy painted like a globe)
  15. Okay ba na execution yung grape juice to cure heartbreak? (2009, wala nako maisip na ideas)
  16. Can the donuts be logged per hire? (2010, hindi ko pa gets pano nagwowork ang promo)
  17. Can we adjust it to a full page but only half page. (2008, in a meeting with Businessworld)
  18. We can’t make  her eyes smaller! Ano to, Belo!? (2009)
  19. I think the summer campaign will still make sense after summer. (2016)
  20. Okay so when I swipe the face, the pimples go away, but it doesn’t make her prettier. Is it a coding problem? (2017)

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